Juvederm Ultra and Juvedrm Voluma trial

Initially Juvederm was tested in two U.S based clinics which helped to evaluate Juveder Ultra also known as Juvederm Ultra Plus to check and ensure safety and effectiveness of these products. In both clinics about 145 subjects were followed for about 24 weeks after injecting Juvederm Injection in one nasolabial fold.

Juvederm results were similar to Zyplast dermal filler as they both were injected to opposite nasolabial folds and the duration and frequency was noted very similar. In the trial it was noted that about 80-90% patients complained about redness, pain, firmness, lumps and swelling and 60% felt bruising. Itching and discoloration was noted in 35% patients. Other types of cosmetic facial fillers also have these side-effects.